There is room for Yoga!

I met Steph from Williamstone Farm Steadings after following her on Facebook at an Instagram meeting in North Berwick, when she introduced herself I immediately shouted “ I know you! Congratulations on winning your award!” and that was it!

When it came to my turn to introduce myself I shyly announced that I taught Yoga in East Lothian and liked to find usual, unique spaces to teach from.

I was delighted when Steph said she was keen to come along to my class at Drift cafe on a Tuesday morning, I don’t think she has looked back! I love teaching Yoga, I have a degree in Jewellery Design and Making, I studied in London at Middlesex University, and also trained in complementary health when my son was born so somehow teaching this ancient practice feels right for me. It’s a fascinating subject, Sanskrit, being the second oldest known language in the world completely drew me in. It’s a joy to teach and witness people unfold!

So, what is Yoga? Let me quickly explain!

Yoga is an ancient practice more than 6,000 years old that consists of standing and seated postures called asanas. We combine movement with certain breathing techniques which effectively and efficiently connect the mind, body and breath together to create space, self awareness and balance.

The practice physically lengthens and stretches the body whilst calming the busy mind, it’s amazing for reducing stress! I teach a tradition called Ashtanga and combine Ashtanga with Vinyasa Flow to create a dynamic, fluid fundamental class that is accessible to everyone!

I offer classes around East Lothian, have a look at my website and if you would like to come and practice Yoga with me at an unusual space please do get in touch!