Expand your horizons with Ocean Vertical

Ocean Vertical is an ethical adventure company based in Scotland on the rugged coastline of East Lothian, 25 miles east of Edinburgh.

We are passionate about the natural world and its beautiful wild places. We have a deep respect and appreciation for the environment and a love for adventure and silent human powered sports.

We love life and believe in authenticity and simplicity. Ocean Vertical is an expression of this joy.

How We Do Things

Sun, snow and storms this is our office. From the ocean then straight up we offer paddleboarding, coasteering, surfing, climbing and mountaineering, and of course simply getting out there and exploring 365. Check out our website for details and bookings. www.oceanvertical.com

In and around the North Berwick coastline we have fantastic paddleboarding, coasteering and surfing locations on our doorstep, allowing us to move to the best locations on the day. The coastline is awesome with castles, rocks, cliffs, inlets, beaches, islands, birds and marine life all there to be explored.

We meet at Foxlake Adventures to get kitted up and then head off. We supply all technical equipment, boards and wetsuits, responsibly sourced from ethical manufacturers who care. This is a great venue with changing, showers, a cafĂ© and stacks of other activities. We can also help with pick-ups; please give us a shout if you need this. +44[0]7395831811 or hello@oceanvertical.com

We work with small groups and individuals. This way everyone gets great coaching and time with the instructor to help you get the most out of your day. Our maximum group size is 6. 

Why We Are Doing This

This is the big reason why we are here: To share a love for adventure in the natural world and ensure the survival of our last remaining wild places.

All of our profits are directed back into environmental activism and education. We want to influence the future.